“I like control and certainty,” I expressed to Chloé during a catch up call. “Whoooo doesn’t???” she playfully replied.

I have mentioned in one of my previous essays that I am a huge fan of Brene Brown. She has a Netflix special, “The Call to Courage;“ I immediately watched when it was first released in April. While her stories of courage and vulnerability were delightful, I was a bit resistant to the softer side of courage. Admittedly, when I think of my own courageous moments, I tend to focus on times I white knuckled a situation and relied on pure grit to push me through. I channel my persona “Annie the #boss” who comes in and demonstrates pure strength ( while looking like a fashionista). I even had a former manager photoshop my head into a graphic of a Charlie’s angel and was nicknamed across the marketing team as Charlie’s Annie … coming into to save the situation.
As Chloé asked her thoughtful questions about courage in her tea invitation, I shed the idea of courage being the hero/shero scenario and thought about courage and the vulnerability of approaching uncertainty and the unknown. I was reminded of when I took one of my first intense personal development courses and the instructor said that if someone is shouting and criticizing from the stands you have no business listening to them when you are in the arena. As someone who is committed to self growth, I have put myself in the arena and at the same time have frozen up in fear of criticism from those in the stands. I reflected on my recent acts of courage with vulnerability and as I acknowledge myself for ways I have shown up and been in the arena instead of staying safe in the stands, I hope you take a moment to do the same for yourself.
“I like control and certainty,” I expressed to Chloé during a catch up call. “Whoooo doesn’t???” she playfully replied. In our exchange I felt the tenderness of courage. For me it was making the choice to leap into a situation where there could be rejection, failure, humiliation and know that this is all great content for self growth as well as a well-lived life. In that moment when you are suspended in the air wondering where all the chips may fall, it’s so important to be surrounded by tribe of positive people to cheer you on. Chloé has been one of those people for me. It’s quite courageous and vulnerable to share on this blog about my travels and self discovery. Sometimes my fear shows up and causes writer’s block, analysis paralysis or the good old cause of perfectionism. Throughout this guest writing journey, Chloé has encouraged me to be my authentic self, inquired what’s going when I face my blocks and cheers me on when I get that next blog post published with her beautiful edits.
I hope you have someone in your life helping to stretch your comfort zone. Here are some questions to reflect and share with the friends that cheer you on:

Questions for Reflection:

1. What are some example you can list where you are in the stands and want to enter the arena? 
2. Who can support you stretching your comfort zone for getting out of the stands and into the arena?
3. How is your tribe of supportive positive people? If not currently a highly supportive tribe, what can you do to transform?

Virtual Tea Party Report

July’s gathering was fantastic. People joined from all over the country. New faces and familiar faces together in one virtual room. 

All attendees resonated with the idea that courage is like a muscle — it can be strengthened through regular practice — ‘working it out,’ so to say.

One attendee shared how it takes courage to deal with reality and be truthful to herself and her loved ones, even it it means making changes and facing the unknown and uncertainty, which could include potential heartbreak.

I find it fascinating how these themes of transformational travel really do apply to all areas of life! Travel is a lens through which we can explore the world, ourselves, and our relationship to life.

“I really enjoyed the conversation, Chloé! Thank you. I can’t wait to join in August from Bangladesh.”

Vivien, 65

New Mexico, USA

“When I attended the tea party I had commented that I want to leave city living and go overseas so badly. I was challenged to write down some places I might want to live. This is my update… These calls really do shift things! Thank you.”

Lee, 60

Arizona, USA

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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