I wrapped up my weekend with lunch at a local fish market, amazing ocean views, and a walk along the pier of Redondo Beach. Yes, I am the expert in my travel AND my life…


I was certainly not feeling very empowered at the beginning of October. I had my back go out, plumbing issues at a condo I rent out, and some interpersonal conflicts to work through. It felt really bumpy for me, a fiery Aries that can be a bull in a china shop. As the month was winding down, everywhere I looked, I read about mercury retrograde starting on Halloween. I not a big believer in this astrological event — a time when technology and communication can get disrupted. However, I am starting to pay attention, since during the last mercury retrograde in July, I lost my laptop at the security checkpoint at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, which was certainly a big disruption to my technology and communication! Additionally, I enjoyed reading in a magazine that part of the purpose of this time is to bring unresolved issues to the surface. With a new decade approaching, I desire to resolve the old patterns and habits and break through to a new way of being. So, I say, “Bring it on mercury retrograde – show me what you got!”

I always feel a sense of delight when I connect with Chloé. This month, when we filled each other in about our latest happenings in love, life, and work, she shared the distinction between learning and processing through something where coaching can be helpful vs. opening up the heart and healing. I continue to be truly inspired by Chloé’s spirit, and a testament to this is her new YouTube channel illustrating her beautiful EmpowARTment (YouTube: Chloe Lauer and IG: chloelauerart).

My empowerment recipe includes the ocean, spiritual community, and connecting with an amazing friend. I decided to book a last minute flight to LA, and as I landed at LAX, I understood what empowerment felt like at a visceral and physiological level as I followed my inner guidance to reach out to a friend to see if we might spontaneously meet for lunch. He and I have been missing each other the past two years, and I knew this time it would be different. Shortly after sending him a text, we were enjoying a beautiful lunch at the Johnathan Club, where they have a no cell phone rule. Not only did I have this magical connection with a dear friend over lunch, the whole vibe of the place was just amazing because people were connecting all around since they were free from the attachment to their devices.

Later that evening, I was about to land myself front row seats at a live event with Jay Shetty, a former monk turned inspirational speaker. Before the event there was a meetup at Umami Burger for those that are part of his Genius Coaching online community. Again, it’s hard to express in words what it feels like to walk into a restaurant full of new people from across the globe that share the same values of learning, personal growth, and community. If I could choose just one word to describe the feeling, ‘Empowerment‘ would certainly capture the moment.

I wrapped up my weekend with lunch at a local fish market, amazing ocean views, and a walk along the pier of Redondo Beach. Yes, I am the expert in my travel AND my life: Ocean + Spiritual Community + Friendship provide a direct path to feeling and being Empowered! I am curious: what are the ingredients in your recipe for Empowerment?

Questions for Reflection:

1. As THE expert in your travel and life, what 3 things do you already include that support you in experiencing empowerment?

2. What have you found helpful when it comes to processing life changes? What have you found helpful when it comes to healing?

3. What things make you feel Empowerment at a visceral and physiological level?

Virtual Tea Party Report

We had a strong group present for October’s conversation.

Together, we investigated two questions:

  1. What travel experience has provided you access to an enduring sense of empowerment, and how has that shaped other areas of your life?
  2. What’s one area of life where you would like to experience empowerment over the next two months and how might you engage in a new adventure to enable that?

I find it fascinating how these themes of transformational travel really do apply to all areas of life! Travel is a lens through which we can explore the world, ourselves, and our relationship to life.

“Thank you so much for hosting the event; was great to have a dialogue with like-minded people. I most enjoyed the conversation prompts and how they guided us in a thoughtful dialogue.”
Malain, 35

California, USA

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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