It’s not your destination, it’s what’s inside of you.

When I think of adventure, it tends to be a grand production! I love to share my stories of delight, such as traveling to Egypt and dancing the night away at a friend’s wedding with the backdrop of the pyramids. Adventure is associated with the thrill of going somewhere exotic and impressionable moments like seeing the Colosseum in Rome. I noticed how this approach of wait for the grand moments festers insides me and shows up as a limiting belief. Work hard and then earn the right for a big fun adventure.

I mostly stay in and hibernate and then when it’s time for an adventure, I go grand and big!  This can lead to extended periods of longing for the next adventure. As I make micro habit changes to fill 2019 with more joy, embracing the concepts of transformational travel are timely. It is showing me how I can weave adventurous spirit into my soul purpose rather than wait for the next stamp on my passport.

Being aware of my desire to travel and write more and feeling that desire in my body started to create a shift. In feeling the beauty of these desires, I took the time to express them to my friends and network. The awareness and then sharing my desires with others created two sweet invitations in the month of January that nourished my adventurous spirit:

1. I was invited to be the featured guest writer on the transformational travel site to have a home for my writing.

2. I was invited to a holiday party in Washington, DC by a friend from college that allowed me to meet some new people and also have access to the most breathtaking views of the capitol.

As you seek the adventure inside of you vs. the destination, tune into what your soul is desiring and start to be aware. In my case, the desire to write and travel more was tied to a yearning for connection. I shared the desire with my network to connect deeply with them, and that connection led to invitations.

Questions for Reflection:


  • Are you aware of what the adventurous spirit inside of your desires?

  • Can you share that desire with a few friends?

  • When you share your desire, what invitations manifest?

  • How do you show up to take action on those invitations?

I was aware that my adventurous spirit wanted to write and travel more but was in waiting mode because it felt like I had to be big and bold in the approach. Underneath that tough exterior was this fun city girl spirit that wants to connect, write, and play. When I started accepting the invitations that came from my desire, it was with ease and flow that my city girl playful spirit received the fun adventurous experience she was looking for. You can see to the left how much it made her relax and smile.

Virtual Tea Party Report

We had a wonderful gathering for our first Virtual Tea Party of 2019! On the theme of adventure, folks on the call spoke about how adventure is about both learning and letting go, and it’s at once exhilarating and terrifying! There is an element of belief that adventure truly begins when things don’t go as planned. When there is uncertainty and potential danger, we see how we show up and discover new things about who we are. Everyone agreed that one thing they have discovered through adventure is how amazing and generous people are, and how they show up and help you when you are in need!

December 2018: “Thank you so much for hosting. It was a great time for reflection and broadening my thoughts and perspectives. I look forward to the discussion next month!”

January 2019: “It was another great conversation! I love these tea parties. They are so uplifting.”

Kelly, 39

Indiana, USA

“It was great. During the call, there was an opening for me to see my family in a different way, and I started to notice a shift in what was blocking me from taking another trip back east. I’m excited now. And all it took was some friends and partnership.”


New Mexico, USA

“It was a great call! We’re looking forward to the next one!”


Colorado, USA

“I really enjoyed the conversation, Chloé! Thank you.”
Vivien, 65

New Mexico, USA

“Thank you, Chloé. That adventure group conversation was fun. After it was over, I went to eat and felt opened up to adventure. I ended up talking with two people who told me wild adventure stories, so it just continued. Thank you again.”
Louisa, 60

California, USA

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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