For me, this is the essence of freedom. The space and a clear head to take everything in and experience pure joy with the giddiness of a school girl.


It’s Tuesday and even as a full fledged adult entering my 4th decade of life, I get nervous about going out on a “school night.” When connecting about the theme of September, Freedom, I mentioned to Chloé that I envisioned breaking free from being chained down. When she asked me to describe more about the chains and what I was breaking free from, I was stumped and didn’t reply. I needed to sit with the question and process the answer and also thought, “This will be good content for my essay!”

What’s up with my resistance on going out and having fun on a weeknight? Time to break this unwritten rule and let joy spread throughout the week! Sounds like an opportunity to create some freedom. Chloé’s invitation to choose powerfully resonated with me. How powerful would it be to liberate the scared little girl inside me who was fearing that going out on a school night would be irresponsible and thus limiting play and fun to the weekends? I loved that Chloé named the shift that could happen “school night shenanigans!” It allowed me to invite freedom into my life in a playful way and with a confident smile that could hold the hand and bring the scared little girl along for the journey.

As things tend to manifest quickly with Chloé around, ‘Operation School Night Shenanigans’ unfolded with velocity! I saw that Cats was coming to the Kennedy Center when Chloé happened to be in DC visiting her parents. She got tickets on a TUESDAY night. Days before the show, I could feel my excitement to have such a lovely experience awaiting me on a weeknight! The day of the show I put a dress I hadn’t had a chance to wear yet and whisked myself out of the suburbs in my white Honda SUV. I was met by my lovely friend for the first time in real life. She greeted me as if I was entering the Emmys…in a royal blue gown! And instead of a red carpet we had the backdrop of the Potomac River. It’s moments like these that I remember why I fell in love with nation’s capital. There are views of the water and the monuments that keep taking my breath away and bring me to the present moment and all its beauty. For me, this is also the essence of freedom. The space and clear head to take everything in and experience pure joy with the giddiness of a school girl.

Seeing Cats was like soul food. Music, stage, lights, and dancing! As Chloé and my life collided inside the Opera House at the Kennedy Center, I saw we felt free to take everything in, powerfully choose to embrace our little girl who wanted to dance and sing along with the songs while also expressing ourselves as embodied woman with strong strides in heels and elegant dresses. Operation School Night Shenanigans was successful. As a handsome man took this photo of us he laughed and said, “Hey, you just got a voicemail from your Dad!” Seems like the universe was helping us capture the fun of week night culture!

Questions for Reflection:

1. What powerful choice can you make to experience more freedom in your life?

2. Where in life are you chained to an outdated story that’s keeping you from experiencing more joy?

3. What fun things can you sprinkle into the middle of your week that would allow you to feel more free?

Virtual Tea Party Report

September’s Tea Party was well attended, with new people joining, including from the far reaches of Canada. We explored what ‘freedom’ means to us and how experiencing freedom shifts our experience of life. A common theme was family and children, and navigating the desire to live closer to one’s grown children while also maintaining one’s own independent life and granting one’s children the freedom to choose their life path and geographic location. Another theme was the distinction between inner freedom and our external circumstances and a reflection on choice and that there are many freedoms we don’t choose to explore due to our lack of interest or ability. For example, I am ‘free’ to climb all of the tallest mountains in the world yet I will not likely act out that freedom.

“Thanks for the warm welcome this evening.”

Kenneth, 36


“It’s always great to meet new people!”

Joy, 63


Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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