As cliche as it sounds, happiness is an inside job! 


Reading Chloe‘s newsletter last month about blocks we have that prevent us from happiness and travel inspired me to reflect on ways that I have been blocking my own happiness. I was surprised that I discovered some gates that needed to be unlocked in the journey of allowing more flow.

UnBlock to Happiness #1: Being Able to Receive

As Chloé emphasize the word receive in the newsletter, I noticed my first gate that needed to be unlocked was to receive more. This showed up when I was graciously offered to stay at both my sister and brother-in-law’s place as well as a friends gorgeous condo in the Bay Area. Instead of immediately tapping into the joy of receiving the comfortable accommodations, I was busy finding ways to give back, whether it be doing dishes or offering to pay for dinner. It was by chance that one evening during my stay in the Bay, I was told about a free community class at a gorgeous yoga studio in the Marina. I showed up Saturday afternoon and received the yummy yoga practice and then walked to the water which reminded me also of the abundance that surrounded me. It was such a beautiful gift to return back to my friend’s place and fully take in the kind gesture of her offering me to stay in her home as a guest so I could fully enjoy traveling and exploring San Francisco.

UnBlock to Happiness #2: Dropping Perfectionism

I had been looking for the perfect time and perfect way to relish in a two week vacation. Right before heading off to Lake Tahoe to start my two weeks of heavenly bliss, I lost my laptop, missed my flight, and had to shell out $600 to rebook last minute, and then I also jumped into a workout program that added a lot of anxiety to my vacation eating plans. When I got to Tahoe sans laptop, $600 less in my bank, and focused on eating more protein and greens at every meal, I shifted into being present vs. perfect. Being in nature was a beautiful instigator to becoming more present. Additionally, as part of the Wanderlust festival I was there to attend, I started my day with morning meditations and sound baths that helped me to return to the present moment and relish in the delight of being embodied in such an incredibly beautiful setting.

UnBlock to Happiness #3: Practicing a High Level of Self Care by Setting Good Boundaries

Ok, so admittedly, I did struggle with checking how many people were liking my instagram posts of Tahoe. I also was still checking work email often while on my vacation. I saw how much happier I was when I shifted to only posting an instagram photo for myself to remember the beautiful moment and some days taking a digital detox. During that time, I listened to an audio book that mentioned that lottery winners were not much happier than before they had their winnings. It also said that paraplegics were not significantly less happy than before the accident. As cliche as it sounds, happiness is an inside job!

Questions for Reflection:

1. List three blocks to your happiness. How does this prevent you from making time for things you love such as travel?

2. How can you receive more when it comes to creating transformational travel experiences?

3. How can you practice more self care and good boundaries to allow for more happiness in your travels?

Virtual Tea Party Report

Our June gathering was experimental – I tested out a new approach in which I actually spoke more about what BLOCKS our experience of happiness during travel rather than the smoothest ways to access it. The experience of presenting during a tea party in addition to creating the space for inquiry and reflection was stressful for me, and I felt awful after the call. I learned that one thing that definitely blocks my happiness is perfectionism and not letting myself try out new things and have them fail. It’s ‘failing forward’ for sure — now I know that approach doesn’t work for me, and so I went back to the previous model for July’s call…

I bet that other attendees weren’t as critical of how I showed up as I was critical of myself.

Thank you for the Tea Party. It was a really good meeting. You and Anubhav make a great duo.

Shelley, 68

Eugene, OR

“I’ll attend every month if I can! I enjoy the conversations and learn something new each time. It’s a great opportunity to connect with my inner knowing.”


SF Bay Area

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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