“When I am traveling on my own, the first thing I look for is a big body of water. Water calms me and allows me to tap into my feminine…”


This month’s theme, Intuition, feels absolutely yummy for me to write about! I find the topic of tapping into intuition soulful and empowering. When I joined Chloé’s intimate Virtual Tea Party this month, I relished in the space she created to facilitate us diving into exploring our experience using our intuition and felt recharged by her encouragement to express our personal distinction of intuition so we can be clear to hone in on it. I left the Virtual Tea party full — full of excitement. If you have yet to join a Virtual Tea Party, mark an upcoming one on your calendar and consider it a drink of tea that ignites your mind and soul!

When I am traveling on my own, the first thing I look for is a big body of water. Water calms me and allows me to tap into my feminine. This month I was traveling in Wisconsin and found I was not far from the beautiful Lake Pewaukee. Even during the 15 minute drive there I could feel the tension in my body start to release. I grabbed a seat at a picnic table and watched as families splashed into the water, relishing the last days of summer. I saw a boat filled with college aged friends leaning back with a refreshing drink and listening to the latest hits. I loved being surrounded by local stores like a bike shop and a family owned pizzeria. All of this helped calm me and had me feel connected.

So I started to see my own recipe for intuition: First get to a place of calm by traveling to water, finding a spot with a local feel where I can see others in full expression with joyful energy. Next, just be present to all of it: no earphones listening my latest audiobook, no distractions of chatting up locals passing me by. Instead, take it all in by looking at the trees, feeling the breeze across my face and savoring the setting sun.

The next day, as I flew back from my trip to Wisconsin, I tapped into my intuition about a decision I had to make. A week later, events surfaced in the news that revealed I had dodged a big bullet by not going forward with what my ego wanted and instead leaning into my intuition for what would be best. This is why I love this topic. Nothing to me is more sensual than trusting yourself and expressing from a place of instinct vs what others think, what your ego says or what fear whispers in your ear to keep you in the comfort zone.

Questions for Reflection:


As you’re traveling on your own, what type of things or places will help tap into your Intuition?

How do you distinguish between intuition and fear? Do they *feel* different in your body? What are the sensations you notice?

What’s an easy solo trip you can do in the next three months to tap into your intuition?

Virtual Tea Party Report

August’s gathering was intimate. We inquired into these questions:

  • When is a time you felt guided by your intuition (in life or in travel)?
  • How did you hear your inner voice, what did it say, what did you learn/discover?
  • What conditions need to be in place for us to most skillfully access and respond to our intuition?

We distinguished intuition from fear. Intuition comes with a calm, peaceful feeling. Fear comes with tension, apprehension, or anxiety. To tap into intuition, attendees agreed that moving into the body was the best way – that intuition speaks to us through SENSATION – felt experience. We ended the call discussing body testing and how the science of kinesiology can be a secondary guide.

“That was really fun! Thank you for hosting this.”

Sameer, 33

San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for this afternoon’s discussion group, it was great. I found everyone’s comments along with yours inspiring and enriching.”

Shelley, 65

Eugene, OR

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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