The Movement

A Modern-Day Pilgrimage

Ancient Roots for Modern Times

Transformational Travel is both old and new – it’s the modern-day pilgrimage. Since ancient times, spiritual seekers have taken long, arduous journeys to holy cities like Mecca, Jerusalem, and Rome. In this age of globalization and greater access to long-distance travel, our “bucket lists” are today’s equivalent of those sacred sites. What’s missing — for many — are the rites and rituals that deepen the meaning and significance of the journey.

Go Inside while you #OptOutside

Transformational Travel fills that gap by providing relevant practices for reflection and contemplation while asking us to value the inner journey of self-discovery as much (or more) as we relish the super fun and exciting experience of discovering the world. It’s an invitation to commit to personal growth while diving into the thrill of adventure.

It’s for You, Me, and Anyone

Transformational Travel is for everyone, and I work with both men and women. However, travel for women brings unique challenges, and as a woman who’s traveled extensively, I understand the needs and perspectives of women — which is why I have exclusive coaching groups for female-identifying people in addition to groups that welcome all genders.

I understand that international travel is a luxury and privilege not available to the majority of people in the world (estimates posit that only 6% of the world’s population have access to air travel. While 3.5 million “people” travel each year via airplanes, those are not unique individuals — anytime you get on a flight, you are counted in that figure). What’s great, though, is that the inner journey is available anytime, anywhere. Anyone can start today — regardless of financial resources, physical ability, or location.

The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are.
Do not despise your own place and hour. Every place is under the stars, every place is the centre of the world.
John Burroughs, 1906

Practice Courage by Being Courageous

Doing things we have never done before is courageous, and building that muscle leads to confidence in all areas of life, which is why I do this work — I believe self-directed adventure is the fastest way for women to rise up and claim their full voice and full power — globally. My vision is that all women, everywhere, are fully self-expressed and empowered, living lives they love, dream, and design. Imagine that world — now that’s something I can get behind.

Face Your Fears

Travel IS challenging. Common challenges pre-travel are fear related — fear of something going ‘wrong,’ of being physically harmed or having something stolen. For solo travelers, there is a worry about being lonely, and for parents and employees, guilt over leaving their kids or job. Many people feel overwhelmed during the planning and booking process, too — sorting through infinite options can be such a headache.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

During the trip, there can be logistical breakdowns like delays and missed connections. Safety is also a big concern — personal safety and safekeeping for our belongings. What’s not often discussed are unmet expectations having anticipated the trip for so long — actually seeing a site they have built up in their mind can be anti-climactic. Long-term travelers face malaise and a feeling of purposelessness — another country, another city, another cathedral — “why am I doing this??” And finally, couples and groups may experience interpersonal challenges and have a hard time navigating competing interests.

Less is More

Exhaustion is another common challenge. We tend to pack so much in that we joke about needing a “vacation from our vacation.” This is where transformational travel comes in: adding in silence, unscheduled time, time for rest + reflection. Developing personal practices and ancient traditions that anchor and ground — like meditation, yoga, and journaling — for example, support us in feeling at home wherever we are and creating the mental and emotional space to absorb and appreciate all the excitement of the travel.

It’s all about Trust

Across the board, the common theme is self-trust: trusting yourself as the expert in your travel. Having that first-hand experience of being the expert is huge and creates a positive ripple effect across all areas of life. This is priceless!

Does this sound like something you'd like to explore?

It’s a movement, not a trend!

You’re not alone in this. There is a global community of courageous leaders taking daily action to bring transformation to the forefront of travel and life. A very complementary philosophy to what I’m sharing here is expressed by the Transformational Travel Council. Check out their vision. Who will you be today to make the world a more open and connected place? I love their HERO motto – Humility, Engagement, Resolve, and Openness.

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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