Being able to be vulnerable and receive a response that full of compassion without an ounce of judgement: that’s what Trust is for me.

Tomorrow we will welcome a new year and the start of a new decade. “What are you leaving behind in 2019?,” I have been asked. Since I recently immersed myself in the 6-day Tony Robbins Date with Destiny event in West Palm Beach, I became very clear what I am leaving behind and what I am walking towards.
What am I leaving behind:
Walking towards:
Health and Vitality 
AND TRUST (as Chloé rightly frames as true liberation)
I thought I enrolled in Date with Destiny to help me find the love of my life. As Tony Robbins, the creator of the event, flashed his multi-million dollar smile and explained, “What you think you came here for will not be what you get,” I felt I would be the exception to that rule. “Umm…no, I came here for love, and that’s what I’m going to leave with, Mr. Robbins!”
Boy, was I mistaken. From the start of the event, as I entered with a back injury and a lingering cold, I needed to have TRUST that I would be surrounded with supportive people. I was extremely worried about not having many food breaks and that the room would be set at 45 degrees. TRUST in my body that I would be able to weather the ‘state-change’ was necessary. 
My friend booked one of the best AirBnbs near the convention center and offered me the master bedroom so I could recover. I expressed to her and others how worried I was about being cold and the food situation. I shared these same concerns with some of the crew members. All of them listened, showed an immense amount of empathy, and allowed me to be totally self-expressed and authentic. I learned that trust is not based on the time one has known someone. On the contrary, it actually can be created ‘in the moment’ with velocity and felt viscerally in one’s heart. Being able to be vulnerable and receive a response that full of compassion without an ounce of judgement: that’s what Trust is for me. It is absolutely freeing! It gives space for more joy, more love, and more dreams.
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020!
Thank you Chloe for allowing me the honor of being the guest writer in 2019 ❤

Questions for Reflection:

1. How will you show up with more TRUST in the new year?
2. When you have TRUST in yourself and others what possibilities are created in that space?
3. How does TRUST show up when you think about your upcoming travels?

Virtual Tea Party Report

We completed ONE ENTIRE YEAR of Virtual Tea Parties. I am proud of myself for creating the concept and following through each month. I kept showing up even when the results were not what I had hoped for. I even lost my voice two days before the last gathering and led it anyway. Special thanks to each and every person who attended and extra kudos if you joined us more than once. A huge shoutout to Anubhav Jain, my business partner, for your support and collaboration.

“I had a breakthrough today. I spoke on a conference type video call. I usually hide and never speak up. I get really weird. Today I defied the odds and actually spoke and shared. Thank you. I’m trusting! I love that anything is possible. Thanks for creating that for all of us and for you.”

Linda, 45

Bay Area, CA

Go slowly, travel with heart. ™

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